The Deserted Village Tour

Take this leisurely tour through Achill’s famous Deserted Village Village which featured so highly in the resent RTE documentary, The Hunger: The Story of the Irish Famine, narrated by Liam Neeson.

Travel back in time almost 1 billion years and see the evidence of the first people that lived on Achill.

Learn the tragic and haunting history attached to the village and what caused its demise.

On this walk we will take in many areas of heritage and archaeology. From the role the Basking Shark played in the lives of Achill people to the mysterious deserted village at Keem.

Discover the story behind the safety of Keem Beach. Explore the ruins of a Boley Village and see where the notorious Capt. Boycott, who gave his name to the English language, lived.

On this walk we take in steep coastal ridges underneath the towering mountain of Croaghaun. The walk is a circular walk through the Keem Valley

This is a linear low level walk along parts of the coastline of Achill from the village of Dooagh to Keel. On this linear walk we will walk in the footsteps of the renowned artist Paul Henry and discover what it was that made him stay on Achill for almost ten years.

Discover how the Basking Shark was hunted and processed. Discover how people from the Iron Age lived and what evidence they left behind.

We start at sea level for this one from the end of Keel Beach. We climb up to find a path, known as the “Coffin Path”. Your guide will explain this bizarre name. We will follow this path for some time again taking in fantastic views across to Slievemore and Croaghaun. When we can see the village of Dooega and the home of Grace O’Malley on Clare Island, we climb up the ridge to reach the summit of the mountain. Here we will stop for a cup of tea.

Enjoy the great views surrounding us all across the island of Achill and beyond. We will then continue on to the Communications Towers and drop off the ridge and follow the river back to the beach.

Achill’s highest mountain and home to the highest sea cliffs in Ireland. There are many options and ways to climb this mountain. Please discuss with us beforehand what particular route you would like to do.

The usual walk is from Lough Acorrymore. From here we quickly gain altitude and are offered beautiful vistas at every stage as we make our ascent. We get to the base of the summit ridge and traverse diagonally across the face of the mountain popping out in the saddle between Croaghaun’s twin peaks.

From here we stroll along the ridge enjoying the views as we go. Sheer drops to our left and the beautiful Keem Bay to our right. At the summit we stop and have a cup of tea. Here we will decide what route is best for us to descend back to the start.

Is it through the valley to view the plane crash site or do we take in the beautiful hanging lake know as the Mermaids Looking Glass?

Climb one of Achill’s highest Mountain and take in fantastic views of the surrounding area. Our walk starts by walking through Achill famous Deserted Village which featured so highly in the resent RTE documentary, The Hunger: The Story of the Irish Famine, narrated by Liam Neeson.

Learn how and why this thriving village was deserted. Then it’s on to the mountain itself. We climb slowly up stopping regularly to take in the changing views laid out before us. Listen to the many stories of the guide about the locality, flora and fauna.

At the summit we have a well earned rest and maybe have a cup of tea. We have a great view from the summit, looking south as far as the 12 Bens and north to Ben Bulbin and east to the Nephins and west we see the end of Achill and the broad Atlantic beyond. We then retrace our steps to the Deserted Village.

Take one of our Regional walking adventures and discover secret sights and areas frequented by very few. Take time to feel the energy of these wild and remote places.

See some awe inspiring landscapes of Mayo, Galway Clare and Sligo.

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These tours are offered to the UK, Scotland and Wales. Offered is an opportunity to climb the highest mountains and some other iconic peaks in the region.

Prices are based on minimum numbers and include accommodation, meals (where specified), transport locally and guiding. Snodon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis are always included.

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